My photography journey

Capturing man made structures and dwellings and occasionally the planets and stars

I am a Brisbane based photographer specialising in property photography. The built structures I capture include apartment interiors, residential homes, large format commercial properties and shopping centres. I am a registered CASA drone operator and frequently use drones as part of the services I offer my clients. My DroneAce website is dedicated to images I have captured relating to the commercial architectural, engineering and construction (AEC industries) in and around Brisbane.

I have a degree in Electronic Engineering from The University of Queensland and a diploma in Computer Graphics and Animation. I worked as a medical imaging engineer in Sydney and then seachanged into the creative visual imaging side after I did my diploma.

I have been photographing properties in Brisbane for over 4 years and I feel I am now past my first 10,000 photographs.

The best place to view my photographs in high resolution is on my Phil Savory Flickr site.

My hobbies are landscape photography & astrophotography and I am keen to get outdoors & under the night sky when weather and time permits.

Phil Savory

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